Monday, October 5, 2020

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? | THE MINING INDUSTRY A direct threat to sacred landscapes, historical infrastructures, natural landmarks and topography, the environmental impacts of mining are large-scale and permanent. Although multinationals insist that the technologies in place ensure environmentally friendly practices, evidence proves otherwise. The deposition and leaching of toxic chemical such as arsenic and nitrogen contaminate local water supplies, poisoning its inhabitants and disrupting the entire ecosystem. Yet this is just a drop in the bucket for humanity, who seems to be confidently walking the wrong direction down a one way street with a dead end. Don’t let our generation be remembered as the one that saw it coming and let it happened. If you’re not angry, you are asleep and someone who is sleeping won’t stand up. How much longer will we buy into the broken record rationale that secures for the western world the limited resources at stake?


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